This is how I see my journey at this time; however,
I’m open to see where this journey takes me.

INDIA    Yoga, Surf, Bollywood Dance, Educate & Empower Women with Sisters of Notre Dame Global Missions

THAILAND    Muay Thai Boxing, Work with Rescued Elephants with Global Volunteer Network, Reconnect with Friends

PERU    Hike along the Sacred Valley, TUT – Mike Dooley

HAITI    Work with Orphans

FRANCE    Spiritual Retreat at Thict Nanh Thah’s Plum Village

IRELAND    Irish Jig, Meet friends of friends and cousins of cousins, Work with refugees

ENGLAND    Shakespearian Acting Classes in Stratford, Hike from coast to coast, Afternoon Tea, Work with refugees

SCOTLAND    Yell “FREEDOM!” from a hillside

U.S.    Cross Country Road Trip

A JOURNEY …a traveling from one place to another …a passage or progress from one stage to another Yes and Yes! What I am about to do is not new.  If you read Eat, Pray, Love, or saw the movie Wild, you will understand my journey.  I read the book; I saw the movie; I was inspired by both.  By sharing their experiences, Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed, helped me feel not so alone in some of my loneliest and darkest moments.  Their stories were published after they overcome their struggles, their sadness, and transformed their lives – after their journeys ended, or perhaps, began anew. My journey has not yet begun.  As I write this, I am still in the fog of loss. I do not know where I truly belong or what my passion and purpose are. I do not even know where to call home.  But, I do know that I do not want to stay stuck in the loss. When I first had the idea for this journey, I saw it as a glimmer of light in the fog.  As the idea lingered, it awakened an inner voice that simply said: go and trust, share, it is time to shine.

Click here to read and visit where I am today, and the adventures of this journey.

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