Distance traveled since leaving Tampa:

15,367.50 miles / 24,371.5 km

Volunteering Activities:

Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata, India
English for Engaged Social Service, Thailand

Personal Reset to Joy:

In many ways, on every day of this Journey

Evidence of Love and Light in the World:


• In the children at the Missionaries of Charity home
• In my fellow volunteers
• In the new friends I made along the way
• In the students at the English for Engaged Social Service program
• In my fellow surfers at, and in the owners of, the Shaka Surf Club
• In the hotel concierge who walked me to cab and upon seeing cab driver’s negative reaction to me motioned for me to get out of the cab and helped me find safer transportation
• In my tour guide of Taj Majal who through his love of taking photographs helped me find joy in having my photograph taken again
• In my family who believe in me and support this journey in so many ways
• In the Journey with Kerry FB group/community who are taking this journey with me and have supported me each step of the way
• ….and so many more ways.

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